Craft is something we take seriously at KTC.
End users have very little knowledge or
appreciation of the craftsmanship required to
produce a KTC garment. Stitching, taping,
bonding, and welding are techniques that have
been perfected by the craftspeople at KTC
over time. These processes are extremely
laborious and require immense attention to
detail to achieve the perfection we require.
Many of the craftspeople at KTC have been a
part of our team for more than 30 years, which
is a true testament to the long term goals of

We are constantly investing in new training of
our craftspeople to ensure they are aware of
new technologies and techniques and are
able to apply them to their work. We also have
an extensive Research and Development
department which helps to identify future
techniques and train our craftspeople in order
to implement them into our production process.